Washbasin made from river stones

Washbasins made from river stones

Each washbasin is a unique specimen! Wash basins are of different size, shade, colour and shape. It is generally known, that washbasins are a part of our everyday life, so it is necessary to think again, what will greet you every morning, when you get into the bathroom. The sole look at the unique washbasin will give you pleasure and will stimulate happiness and cosiness of living. A washbasin should become an addition to your living space. Give pleasure to yourself and your guests, as the washbasin made of river stones can be your cherry on the top” every day.

River stones of which washbasins are made are timeless and may accompany you through your entire life.

They give warmth, create cosiness and offer a sense of a true nature in your bathroom. Washbasins may be used also in the garden, outside kitchens, bathrooms, or wherever you wish to make an addition to a living space. Washbasins made of river stones are natural and unique products and a choice for everyone, who minds true nature.

PRODUCT: washbasin from river stones

100% natural product

100% unique product

Price: 235,00+VAT eur/pcs