Water taps

Water taps are a vital part of every washbasin. An individual always decides whether to buy the cheapest one, or one of quality with a long life-span.

Our water taps are HANSA products of top quality and unique design. Besides functionality, HANSA taps are true addition to washbasins and the space itself.You may select among various types of water taps, which will add a character to your space.

CANYON: The unpretentiously monolithic body of the HANSACANYON braces itself against the power of this primordial element - levelling its path in a quite spectacular way. The scenery is illuminated from within using light coloured to correspond to the temperature of the water, in a cool blue, a gentle violet or a warm red. Electronic sensor buttons provide the controls.


More on HANSA on their web page: www.hansa.com.

HANSA Canyon

Price: 1.926,38 eur


Price: 1.268,80 eur


Price: 805,20 eur

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